Arc Flash Studies by Vrielink Electrical Services

Sample Arc Flash Study Report

To show the results of a typical arc flash study, a sample report has been prepared by Vrielink Electrical Services. The sample features a small fictional industrial distribution with medium and low voltage switchgear as well as an emergency power generator.

Download (PDF)

Hazard Calculation with IEEE 1584

An important step of risk assessment is calculating the potential severity of the hazard using IEEE 1584. We have 10 years of experience calculating arc flash hazard for European facilities, using the latest standards and industry leading software. An equipment evaluation and coordination study are used to find safety and operational issues in the electrical distribution system.

NFPA 70E Compliant Risk Assessment

The likelihood of occurrence of an arc flash is needed in addition to an IEEE 1584 hazard severity calculation to estimate arc flash risk. Our risk assessments are compliant with NFPA 70E and can be adapted to fit your company’s risk assessment methodology.

On-site or Remote Data Collection

On-site collection and verification of data to gather all the required information for an accurate risk assessment. We verify the accuracy of existing drawings and documentation. For new construction, remote data collection is possible.

Reports with Actionable Recommendations

Arc flash hazard calculation requires detailed knowledge of electrical engineering and most reports reflect that. Our reports are written to be readable by occupational health and safety professionals as well. Recommendations are actionable and follow the hierarchy of controls.